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Lygia Clark 1948 – 1958

Lygia Clark is primarily remembered for her participation in the Constructivist movement (leading abstract artist at the forefront of the Neo-Concretist movement in Brazil), her innovative approach to modular sculpture and the participatory art that made her a singularly pioneering force in the world of international art.
This volume explores her production in the first decade of her career. Clark devoted her time to painting, constantly experimenting and testing new techniques, becoming an important avant-garde figure in Brazil. Her work in these early years oscillated between figuration and abstraction, creating geometric, system-based paintings which will articulate the visual language of her innovative career.

Lygia Clark (1920-1988) trained in Rio de Janeiro and Paris. Throughout years, Clark explored different mediums, from painting and sculpture to participatory proposals, relational objects, and therapeutic practice. She is recognised as a major reference for contemporary artists dealing with the limits of conventional forms of art.

La Fabrica, 2020
Softcover, 256 pages
270mm x 190mm

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Lygia Clark 1948 – 1958Lygia Clark 1948 – 1958Lygia Clark 1948 – 1958Lygia Clark 1948 – 1958Lygia Clark 1948 – 1958Lygia Clark 1948 – 1958