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Birth Plan - LK Holt

Birth Plan is LK Holt’s fourth full-length collection is a generous, sharp-edged, technically masterful and expansive collection from one of Australia’s foremost female poets. These poems are transformative, fiercely feminist, unrelenting in their clarity, and display a rare mastery of the musicality of language. Exploring the realities of mothering and loving in the late Anthropocene, Holt’s work is rigorous in its exploration and evocation of psychological truths and half-truths. Fearless and darkly humorous, these are poems that turn on a phoneme and give full life and song to the shimmering uncertainties and hard realities of selfhood.

LK Holt lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her previous full-length collections are Man Wolf Man (2007), Patience, Mutiny (2010), and Keeps (2014). She is a recipient of the Kenneth Slessor Prize and the Grace Leven Prize, and has been longlisted for the Literature Society Gold Medal.

Vagabond Press, 2020
Softcover, 98 pages
148mm x 210mm

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Birth Plan - LK HoltBirth Plan - LK HoltBirth Plan - LK HoltBirth Plan - LK HoltBirth Plan - LK HoltBirth Plan - LK Holt