Have not

The clothing in "have not" is contextualised by the history and conditions of its appearance, or, alternately the stories and memories that constitute its persistence and resonance in the present."

"have not" variously reflects the modes of presentation native to fashion magazines and yet it loosens these conventions from the urgencies and patterns of pressurised pitches and targeted sales. have not is a fashion magazine unstuck in time; without a mandate to reflect and report exclusively on the contemporary, have not recounts the utterances that persist beyond the material accoutrements of our lives in the present.

have not is: borrowed, lost, missed, longed, described, collected, collated, archived, affected, referenced, remembered, modelled, uncompleted, impressed, desired, endured

Contributors: Tobias Kaspar, Mikael D. Brkie, Madeleine, Heike-Karin Föll, Nico Ihlein, Karl Holmqvist, Leonor Antunes, Buck Ellison, Robert McKenzie, Amy Zion, Peter Broda, Kristin Loschert, Annette Kelm, heinz Peter Knes, Heji Shin, Benjamin Huseby, Sokol Ferizi, Reto Schmid, Lisa Robertson, Julien Ceccaldi, Jody Brand,Sergio Taborda, Diana Weis, Moyra Davey, Simone Gilges, Marie Angeletti, Matti Liimatainen, Christopher Breward and Dominikus Müller

Editor: Blaine Western, Eeva Rönkä, Heike-Karin Föll, Heinz Peter Knes, Heji Shin, Kristin Loschert, Yusuf Etiman
Designer: Yusuf Etiman

Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite
Softcover, 184 pages
158mm x 220mm

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